Modern astronomy relies on telescopes, computers, satellites, and other instruments to study the universe via observation, simulation, scientific analysis, and collaboration.  Recognizing the ever-growing applications of space sciences, contrasted with the scarcity of public observatories and space-oriented programs in most communities; we created the Future Astronomer program to bring the universe within the reach of students and educators.

Future Astronomer is a STEM Program with quality academic education and an emphasis on Astronomy. The program features two options: School Assembly, and Campus Equipment Rental. Supplementing both options is our curated curriculum; NGSS-Compliant lesson plans and projects for K-12 students.

Future Astronomer is the Ultimate Hands-on Experience & Workshop in Astronomy; for both K-12 Students, and Educators alike.  We utilize modern equipment, tested techniques, and an exciting new approach to learning about the universe - engaging students in over a dozen activities in the areas of Observation, Planetary Science, Simulated Space Exploration, and Innovation.

The chosen equipment features binoculars, solar glasses, a dedicated white light solar telescope, a dedicated hydrogen-alpha solar telescope, a planetary and deep-sky telescope, a radio telescope, a star analyzer camera system, augmented reality systems, virtual reality systems, a planetary rover, geological rocks, and a fun library of astronomy-rich books.  We only use modern equipment of the highest quality, and all our telescopes are on tracking mounts.

For information about our curriculum, events, and private projects please contact us at Admin@ObservatoryX.com