Modern astronomy relies on telescopes, computers, satellites, and other instruments to study the universe via observation, simulation, scientific analysis, and collaboration.  Recognizing the ever-growing applications of space sciences, contrasted with the scarcity of public observatories and space-oriented programs in most communities; Observatory X created the Future Astronomer program to bring the universe within the reach of students and educators.

Future Astronomer (currently undergoing patent procedures) is a Hands-on, STEM School-Assembly with quality academic education and an emphasis on Astronomy. The program suits NGSS standards for all K-12 grades and utilizes modern equipment, tested techniques, and an exciting new approach to learning about the universe by engaging students in over a dozen activities in the areas of Observation, Planetary Science, Simulated Space Exploration, and Innovation.

To learn more about Future Astronomer, please contact Admin@ObservatoryX.com

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